In the fast-paced world of today, professionals increasingly need to be productive while on the go. Even during the trip, they need to be in touch with their customers, partners and colleagues of fast, reliable and profitable way. The UC solution supports mobile workforce while providing productivity, accessibility and reducing costs.


We offer a comprehensive set of services that ensures easy implementation and maintenance of a network solution Voice and Unified Communications. The Consulting and Systems Integration Services can offer a complete enterprise mobility assessment to determine the best solution for specific business needs. After being defined the solution, we offer installation and configuration, Diagnosis and Monitoring, and 24 x 7 technical support.


Key Benefits of Unified Communications

- A single number, calls can be easily routed to a mobile device or specific location.

- Works efficiently, functions as corporate directory, voicemail, corporate presentations and PBX features are available on mobile devices.

- Works while on the move, workers who are traveling can access the speakerphone applications of Microsoft Exchange, listen and answer your e-mails, call your contacts and even schedule meetings.

- Receive alerts examines calls, mobile workers can examine intelligently your calls and receive alerts of high priority calls at any time and place.

- Reduces costs, mobile phones can be integrated into the infrastructure of corporate communications.


Telepresence provides real experiences face-to-face that enable organizations to connect their teams, partners and customers. These experiments are designed to eliminate distance barriers, to create different overall video communities. Now, people and organizations can communicate and collaborate in many ways, anytime, anywhere.

With telepresence, you can:

- Improve productivity and response by focusing collaborate more effectively with the right resource at the right time;

- Market rate, facilitating rapid decision-making, and increased customer loyalty;

- Business continuity and increased flexibility;

- Promoting environmental sustainability initiatives;

- To promote a better work-life balance for employees, providing tools that give them greater control over their time;



Effective collaboration has become a key factor in a complex business environment, where employees are geographically dispersed, travel and budgets have been reduced, and information overload is considered normal. The Collaboration solutions help companies address these challenges:

- Building trust and accelerate decisions with rich, reliable interactions;

- Quickly Form teams in different borders, companies and continents;

- Provide customers instant access to specialists;

- Share effectively the most relevant information of the company.


We offer several Ethernet Switches solutions to build your converged network voice and data. We evaluate the existing infrastructure of your network to determine if it is ready to support real-time applications such as VOIP, or we develop a completely new network to support all their voice needs, data and video. We work with leading suppliers that will help you determine the best solution based on your needs.


We also provide routers and firewalls market top manufacturers to provide security, reliability and scalable networks to support voice and data communications networks Wide Area Networks (WAN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or the Public Internet.


Centralized network management and IT reviews are becoming fundamental functions in companies today. For this we offer software that allows the administrator to have safe access and out of the band for all your servers, switches, routers, firewalls and power distribution devices from a single interface. We can help develop a management system to provide an excellent return on investment from the first day of deployment.


Data centers must provide high-performance infrastructure solutions that allow high density and ease of deployment and use. To support the use of increasingly complex applications such as grid computing, content distribution, cloud computing, e-commerce and data backup, the need for scalable infrastructures, power and cooling, and higher bandwidth continues to grow intensifying demand for solutions with better connectivity in the data center.


UPS, Rectifiers and Generators - Through comprehensive set of products and services, we present a complete line of power systems, providing UPS - "UPS" and clothing accessories, power systems and DC rectifiers, software for management and remote monitoring of energy, as well as installation services, activation, maintenance, technical support, extended warranty and integrated packages "turn-key".


Structured Cabling Voice and Data

We're a performance company in Structured Cabling sector, since we use localization processes and elimination of problems in facilities, to reduce the incidence of failures, from design to deployment of the systems. We have a professional team with experience and technical knowledge to take care of your project. Our certified technicians ensure that the project runs on time and fully aligned with their schedules.


We provide design, installation, testing and certification of structured cabling, CAT5e, CAT 6 and CAT6a coaxial cable and optical fiber of the most renowned manufacturers in the world. Installers and company engineers help you achieve your goals infrastructure based on converged data for both a simple voice application and / or data and to complete a Data Center.

- Structured Cabling and Fiber Optic Project

- Metallic and optical backbones

- Installation, fusion and connectorized cables fiber optic

- Projects and wireless solutions facilities

- Maintenance and network administration in Data Centers

- Network analysis using Sniffer

- Horizontal distribution of voice points to complete assembly of the Rack

- Sales and rental assets (switches, routers, servers, etc.)

- Cable Release CI, CCI, CTP-APT with peers openings

- Infrastructure services for telephony, structured cabling and backbone

- Installation and Configuration PBX.


We provide the complete solution for Contact Center contemplating the DAC and all peripherals to optimize the customer service and telemarketing. These systems offer the highest level of integration and have the largest number of third party applications available. We help the client decide which updates fit better in terms of your business or we can work with you in developing a completely new plan. Our experts can help you achieve your goals, whether you have a Contact Center small and basic, or a large and multimedia.




- Charging of Intelligent System

- Recording Systems

- Dialers

- Work Force Management

- Call Manager


Voice as a Service

In 2008 we created a new concept in Contact Center, the Vaas (Voice as a Service) composed of a remote station as a service running by the data center, perfect for companies that do not want to invest in the acquisition of infrastructure and rely on a secure service. Also, are supported 24 x 7 x 365 days.


The news is a development related to the PBX and Contact Center system. With the arrival of Vaas to the market, customers will only hire the extension service and the whole connection is made via a link and the entire system management is centralized in the data center.


Furthermore, the solution also provides call routing between offices in different locations with free calls between extensions ultimately reducing cost links. The new technology can also be deployed in foreign countries, according to the needs of each client and can add facilities of Video Conferencing and Telepresence.


Your company can stay focused on their core business and eliminate costs impacting on network assets and telephony with full coverage and guarantee service levels (SLAs). With the Outsourcing solution your company in addition to acquiring the most modern PBX platforms, Contact Center and Market Data still get the following benefits:

- Hiring Flexibility;

- Quality;

- Continuity;

- Availability of service (SLA);

- Technological developments;

- Elimination of maintenance contracts and technical support;

- Automatic update of telephony platform;

- Cost Reduction Fixed Assets (in stock);

- Releases the burden of the company related to the control of assets;

- Do not compromise the company's credit lines as leasing;

- Tax-Tax Planning;

- Your company does not use their credit lines for the acquisition of technology;

- The lease does not come as debt on the balance sheet but as an expense;

- The equipment is replaced in case of failure;

- The contract provides replacement within hours.

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